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Make your work easier by looking through the HighRoad manual, technical notes and examples.

If the information here does not help you, you can e-mail Interstudio.

We've divided our support material into separate components to make it easier to download. However some file sizes are still relatively larger, so you may have difficulties if using a slow or unreliable connection.

HighRoad manual
The manual is a web (HTML) document to be read in a web browser. The manual is compressed as a zip file for Windows and Macintosh.

Download HighRoad manual (4.4Mb) or
View online HighRoad manual

HighRoad technical notes
The old MacRoad technical notes are gradually being updated and made available in the cross-platform PDF format.

Download Retarding Basin Design (225kb)

HighRoad examples
You'll need the HighRoad demo program (or full version) to follow these examples.

Simple road example
This example takes you through a simple road design from the creation of a terrain model from a list of points, to creating a road design and printing out a drawing of the plan and profile. This download contains instructions and four documents. It will take around 20 minutes to run through this example.

Download Simple road example for Macintosh (210kb)

Download Simple road example for Windows (248kb)
This download is a self extracting archive do double-click to expand.

Building site example
This example shows you how to design a building pad and access driveway with HighRoad. It takes you through the design of the pad and driveway (including estimating the earthworks quantities) and creating a new terrain model. This download includes the notes and a HighRoad document containing the terrain model.

Download Building site example for Mac and Windows only (228kb)

Bridge and ramp example
This example shows how to use HighRoad to design an interchange off ramp - including a temporary construction site and access track. This follows on from the Simple road example, and includes instructions and two HighRoad documents.

Download Bridge and ramp example for Macintosh only (453kb)

Dual Carriageway Example
This example shows how to use HighRoad to design a dual carriageway

Download Dual carriageway howto for Mac and Windows (284kb)

Questions or comments
You may have some questions or comments after you've looked at the examples here. We're here to help you, so please send us a message at Interstudio

You may be surprised at some of the projects HighRoad has been used for ... so even if it's not clear how you would apply HighRoad to your project, please let us know what you need to do.

To see the wide range of projects that HighRoad has been used for, please vist our Projects page.


HighRoad examples:
Simple road
Building site
Bridge and ramp
Dual Carriageway
Retarding Basin Design


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