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Engineering software for Macintosh and Windows
Geotechnical Analysis
Interstudio's Geo-Tec B can help you with graphical analysis of ground slope stability under loads. Creative Engineering can supply and support this product in Australia.

Dynamic Simulation
Consider iSee systems' dynamic simulation package called iThink for engineering simulations. We can put you in contact with consulting engineers who have used this for modelling toll plaza queuing, dam construction, train availability and many other civil engineering processes.

Building Design
Interstudio's Domus.cad is used world-wide for a variety of building design tasks ranging from new houses to industrial sheds, from 3D conceptual studies to production of contract drawings. Creative Engineering can supply and support this product in Australia.

Engineering software for Windows
Concrete Design
Daystar software develops software for analysis for concrete masonry walls, foundations and retaining walls. They also supply software for structural analysis and are our distributor for North America.

Traffic Engineering
Akcelik and Associates Pty Ltd is a research and development company established in 1999 to serve the transport industry. They specialise in the area of road traffic operations, traffic engineering, management and control.

Structural Analysis
Our colleagues Formation Design Systems are developers of Multiframe. Multiframe is structural analysis program with a very elegant user interface. It is available in different models for 2D, 3D and 4D analysis and includes additional modules for section design and testing for code compliance.

Macintosh tools
Manipulating text files
Quite often you will receive data in format that is not quite what you need. Whenever you need to manipulate a text file to exchange data between different software programs or different computers a useful tool to have is the freeware program TextWrangler.

International professional bodies
The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia
The Institution of Engineers, Australia
The Institution of Civil Engineers (UK)
American Society of Civil Engineers
Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand
International Federation of Consulting Engineers
National Council of National Engineers and Scientist, France

Road Research Bodies
ARRB Transport Research
AASHTO: Transportation Centre of Excellence


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