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Creative Engineering is the original developer of HighRoad and that has been handed over to Interstudio. Creative Engineering distributed Interstudio's building software in Australia. These products - HighRoad and Domus.cad - are used by architects, civil engineers, landscape architects, surveyors, miners, earthmovers and related businesses internationally.

advanced road design software

HighRoad is an interactive graphical application for the geometric design of roads and highways. Its intelligent object design and highly intuitive interface allows for fast and flexible design - represented by the wide range of projects HighRoad is used for including:

  • Highway design
  • Rural road design
  • Dam construction
  • Subdivision design
  • Drainage channels
  • Building pads
  • Artificial lakes
  • Open cut mines
  • Airport runway design
  • Urban road reconstruction
  • Conveyor route design
  • Velodrome design

HighRoad's key features include:

See HighRoad's outlined features and technical specifications for more detailed information.

building design software

Domus.cad is an interactive graphical application for the design of buildings and other architectural projects. Outstanding feature is real-time update of 3D view as you create the design in the plan view. For more information see Interstudio's web site.

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