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HighRoad has a number of key features that set it apart form other road design packages. These are outlined below and are also detailed in HighRoad's brochure (4.4Mb, pdf format).

Key features

The easy way to design roads
Design roads as you always have - graphically. HighRoad - Creative Engineering's advanced road design software - uses a fully integrated graphical interface tailored for civil engineers. The program's highly intuitive design means you can pick up HighRoad immediately without being a computer expert or learning complicated commands. HighRoad's interface combined with its built-in intelligence results in fast and interactive road design that produces results quickly.

Tailored graphical interface
Developed by a road design engineer for road designers, HighRoad uses familiar civil engineering terms, tools and graphics. Instead of using lines and groups of lines to construct roads on screen, you design with intelligent objects such as kerbs, cross sections, pavements and batter slopes.

Creative Engineering has specially tailored HighRoad to the way a road designer works - both graphically with long sections, cross sections and plans, and numerically for precise matching of design specifications. This flexibility is possible due to the immense development that has been invested into getting the user interface just right for its users.

HighRoad has been designed from the start with a graphical user interface. This interface design is fully integrated into its architecture, making HighRoad fast and compact. You can also expect consistency with the same techniques in different views within HighRoad, and consistency between reality and the road model that HighRoad lets you create.

Maximise productivity
Take a quantum leap in productivity through HighRoad's optimised design. Its time-saving interactive design, fast computation, embedded intelligence and reusable libraries take hours off your road designing - so you can use your creativity without letting the engineering weigh you down.

Automatic functions
Fast algorithms together with automatic design functions make design fast and easy. Adjust any of your designs and all coordinates and chainages are automatically recalculated. Your geometric calculations are done for you while you are free to think about the broader design considerations - you are not distracted by the detail.

Quick to learn, easy to come back to
No time to attend week-long training sessions or hours poring over manuals? Only two per cent of our customers have had any formal training in how to use HighRoad. When you have a road design task, HighRoad allows you to get on with the job rather than grapple with the software.

Intelligent object design
HighRoad's intelligent object design automatically maintains complex relationships in a network of intersecting roads. Each road automatically adjusts itself to match changes in other roads that it connects to. This extends not only to the obvious plan relationship but also the vertical grading of the roads, how they interconnect and the interaction between cut and fill batter slopes in an intersection.

HighRoad allows you the flexibility to override its decisions when necessary. However, the trial design it creates for you is remarkably good and a real time-saver.

Create your own libraries
Use feature libraries developed from your previous work so that production of a complete terrain model happens automatically. Quickly select from your section libraries to design roads of a common type.

Producing Results
Produce results quickly with HighRoad's advanced output options. Interface with popular engineering applications or output visualisations of your designs.

Create high quality graphics or impressive three dimensional drive through simulations of your design. Simply specify the design speed and sight distance and HighRoad does the rest for you.

Below is an example of a drive through simulation movie created using HighRoad's visualisation tools, which are part of the Version 7 release - available soon. The example is small to minimise download time, but it still may take some time (1.39 Mb). If you don't have QuickTime software, get it free from Apple's web site.

Fast drawing production
HighRoad produces a full set of plan/profile drawings for you - automatically orienting each plan view to fit nicely on the drawing sheet. The drawing manager synchronises drawing production with design by establishing a drawing layout that is automatically updated throughout your design process.

When it comes to construction, HighRoad produces data sets for uploading to electronic data loggers so the work can be set out in the field. It also monitors progress of construction work including the change in earthworks volume, the work done and the amount of work remaining at each location. The familiar terms and visual tools for design make HighRoad ideal for earthmoving contractors who rarely have the opportunity to dedicate specialised staff to the operation of the software.

Support for global solutions

  • Available in Italian and Spanish (plus Kanji on Macintosh)
  • Switch instantly between English and another language
  • Use metric or imperial units
  • Currently used in 38 countries
  • Worldwide distributors with knowledge of local methods and language

Technical support

  • Unlimited free technical support by phone or email
  • Annual upgrade program supplies regular updates to software, manual and technical notes


This information is also available as a brochure in pdf format for download (4.4Mb) and from Creative Engineering in hard copy.

HighRoad Technical Specifications


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