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Azul has had a longstanding relationship with MacROAD. We began using the software back in 1993 for the design of roads, well pads, pipelines and platforms for various clients, such as: Triton, Oxy, Oryx, Maxus, Santa Fe, EDC, ARCO, Fluor Daniels, and others. We have found it to be the strongest program available for processing topographical data.
AZUL made use of MacROAD to quantify and compensate for the cut and fill of the access roads and platforms for the Yuralpa Oil Field Development Project. AZUL has utilized MacROAD in the development & construction of more than 20 other roads and more than 60 other Petroleum Well locations.

95% of all of AZUL’s earth movement projects have been developed using MacROAD. The software has enabled AZUL to maintain our competitive edge by increasing productivity significantly. Since implementing MacROAD, AZUL has been able to cut down planning time by over 80% from traditional earth movement and road design planning methods.
Villano Platform
Fernando Garrido, an Engineer for AZUL, has this to say about MacROAD: "We like MacRoad because it is very simple to use. We developed the Yuralpa Exploration Platform Road & Site plan with MacROAD v. 6.04.

We can get an engineer up to speed with most of the program’s functions in a couple of days. Other programs typically require an 8 to 10 day training period.

The ease with which MacROAD handles 3-D is an added plus. MacROAD helped AZUL and our clients’ engineers visualize the Yuralpa site without having to first undertake extensive clearing of the jungle."

Maxus Access Road
The graphic below exhibits the preliminary topographic plan for the Yuralpa Central Processing Facility Site set in the Amazon Jungle. Kerr McGee plans to build 5 platforms and a road connecting them.
Here at AZUL we actively promote transparent relationships with our clients. We’ve built long term client relationships based on trust and performance. With hard work and effort we have grown to become the national leaders in the provision of services for the oil, energy, and related sectors.

Our organization is characterized by functional flexibility, technological leadership and innovative creativity to ensure its rational growth. Although at present we operate principally in Ecuador, AZUL is currently expanding its operations to other countries throughout Latin America.

NOTE: MacROAD has been renamed HighRoad.

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